Brook Benton: Let Me Sing & I'm Happy

Brook Benton: Let Me Sing & I&
Title: Let Me Sing & I'm Happy
Label: Jasmine Music

EU-only two CD set. After the runaway success of their first collection, Jasmine are proud to bring you a second volume of great hits from Brook Benton. On offer here are four more LPs in their entirety in the form of I Love You So Many Ways, the Boll Weevil Song, There Goes That Song Again and Lie to Me plus bonus singles taking his story up to the end of 1962. Includes hits like "So Many Ways"; "The Boll Weevil Song", "Hotel Happiness" and the little heard vocal version of "Walk on the Wild Side". Brook Benton is one of the most under-represented stars to have their material on CD and now thanks to Jasmine we now have all of his earliest albums available.

1.1 Tell Me Now or Never
1.2 Never Like This
1.3 Hold My Hand
1.4 May I
1.5 Never a Greater Need
1.6 So Many Ways
1.7 If You But Knew
1.8 One By One
1.9 Someone to Watch Over Me
1.10 Everything
1.11 So Close
1.12 In a Dream
1.13 The Boll Weevil Song
1.14 Honey Babe
1.15 A Worried Man
1.16 Careless Love
1.17 My Last Dollar
1.18 Key to the Highway
1.19 Frankie and Johnny
1.20 The Intoxicated Rat
1.21 Johnny-O
1.22 It's My Lazy Day
1.23 Child of the Engineer
1.24 Four Thousand Years Ago
1.25 This Time of the Year
1.26 Someday You'll Want Me to Want You
1.27 Think Twice
1.28 For My Baby
1.29 It's Just a House Without You
1.30 Revenge
1.31 When I Grow Too Old to Dream
1.32 There Goes That Song Again
1.33 All of Me
1.34 I Love Paris
1.35 I Didn't Know What Time It Was
1.36 Trouble in Mind
1.37 Blues in the Night
1.38 I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
1.39 Breezin' Along with the Breeze
1.40 After You've Gone
1.41 I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
1.42 Let Me Sing and I'm Happy
1.43 Lie to Me
1.44 Chains of Love
1.45 Got You on My Mind
1.46 Valley of Tears
1.47 Take Good Care of Her
1.48 My True Confession
1.49 I Got What I Wanted
1.50 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
1.51 Pledging My Love
1.52 Tomorrow Night
1.53 Send for Me
1.54 Looking Back
1.55 Shadrack
1.56 Walk on the Wild Side
1.57 Hit Record
1.58 Hotel Happiness
1.59 Still Waters Run Deep

Brook Benton: Let Me Sing & I'm Happy

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