Brooklyn Rider: Healing Modes

Brooklyn Rider: Healing Modes
Title: Healing Modes
Label: In a Circle Records

Healing Modes pairs Beethoven's late masterpiece (String Quartet opus 132) with 5 new works, which explore the subject of healing from a wide range of historical and cultural perspectives. The healing properties of music have been recognized from ancient Greek civilization to the field of modern neuroscience, and expressed in countless global traditions. The slow movement of Beethoven's Opus 132, 'Song of Holy Thanksgiving From a Convalescent to the Deity in the Lydian Mode' is among the most profound expressions of healing in the string quartet repertoire. Beethoven's eternal work is paired with 5 works commissioned for, and premiered by Brooklyn Rider. Healing Modes continues Brooklyn Rider's rich and diverse recording career. The group released 3 critically-acclaimed albums in 2019: "The Butterfly", a collaboration with Irish fiddler Martin Hayes (ICR); "Sun on Sand", with jazz legend Joshua Redman (Nonesuch); and "Philip Glass: Annunciation", an album of the composer's new works for string quartet (OMM). This album is an absolute must-have for lovers of classical, indie-classical, contemporary-classical; string quartets, Beethoven.

1.1 borderlands....
1.2 Quartet No. 15 in A minor, Op. 132 I. Assai sostenuto - Allegro
1.3 Zeher (Poison)
1.4 Kanto Kechua #2
1.5 Quartet No.15 in A minor, Opus 132 II. Allegro ma non tanto
2.1 i am my own achilles' heel
2.2 Quartet No.15 in A minor, Opus 132 III. Adagio molto - Andante
2.3 Schisma
2.4 Quartet No.15 in A minor, Opus 132 IV. Alla Marcia, assai vivace - Più allegro - Presto
2.5 Quartet No.15 in A minor, Opus 132. V. Allegro appassionato

Brooklyn Rider: Healing Modes

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