Brothers: Dont Stop Now

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Brothers

Title: Dont Stop Now
Label: Funky Town Grooves

Digitally re-mastered and expanded edition of this 1976 album including seven bonus tracks. The 'Brothers' appeared to be little more than a New York set of studio players, led by Bhen Lanzaroni - but they did an amazing job of replicating a Philly instrumental sound, with plenty of heavy bass at the bottom of the arrangements, and jazzy riffing on Wah Wah guitar, flute and keyboards over the top. Washes of strings gave the whole album a real 'hustle' feel - and the tracks blend into one another on each side. They were the kind of group that were easily overlooked if the tracks weren't so good! The Brothers studio project was designed to cash in on the disco craze. DON'T STOP NOW is packed with a smooth instrumental disco sound that's got a lot of nice jazzy touches, which never lapses into the clichés you'd expect. The 'Brothers' were hip enough to cover Antonio Carlos and Jocafi's classic Brazilian groover 'Voce Abousou', done with the coolest vocals on the chorus only - and they come up with some nice numbers on their own, like 'Make Love', 'Brothers Theme' and 'Don't Stop Now' and 'Under the Skin'.

1.1 Brothers Theme
1.2 Voce Abousou (Vo-Say Ah-Bu-So)
1.3 Under the Skin
1.4 Didn't Want to Hurt You Like That
1.5 Were You Ready for That
1.6 Make Love
1.7 Don't Stop Now
1.8 Last Chance to Dance
1.9 Brothers Theme (12" Version)
1.10 Make Love (12" Version)
1.11 Under the Skin (12 " Promo Version)
1.12 Brothers Theme (7" Version)
1.13 Don't Stop Now (7" Version)
1.14 Voce Abousou (Vo-Say Ah-Bu-So) (7" Version)
1.15 The World Is a Mess (7" Version)

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