Brouwer / Chamorro / Gonzales

Brouwer / Chamorro / Gonzales: Brouwer: Music for Bandurria & Guitar

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Title: Brouwer: Music for Bandurria & Guitar
Label: Naxos

A native of Cuba, Leo Brouwer is universally acknowledged as one of the most challenging and innovative of contemporary composers. This program brings the guitar into consort with the bandurria, a small lute dating from the 16th century and perennially popular in South America, the combination perfect for expressing the rustic rhythms of Cuban folk style in Música Incidental Campesina. This recording covers a kaleidoscopic range of techniques and emotions, from political martyrdom in Chile to the immense vistas of Brazil. The Sonata para Bandurria was composed for one of the virtuoso performers on this recording, Pedro Chamorro.

1.1 I. Preludio
1.2 II. Interludio
1.3 III. Danza
1.4 IV. Final
1.5 I. Introduccion
1.6 II. Variations 1-4
1.7 III. Variations 5-7
1.8 IV. Finale
1.9 I. El Ritmo de Las Luces y Las Sombras
1.10 II. Nocturnal
1.11 III. Introduccion y Toccata
1.12 I. Vision de la Amazonia
1.13 II. El Gran Sertao
1.14 III. Danza Festiva
1.15 IV. Toccata Nordestina
1.16 I. No. 1. Tranquillo
1.17 II. No. 2. Allegro Vivace
1.18 III. No. 3. Vivacissimo Muy Ritmico
1.19 IV. No. 4. -
1.20 V. No. 5. Andante Tranquillo

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