Bruckner / Abbado / Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Bruckner / Abbado / Lucerne Festival Orchestra: Symphony No 9

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Title: Symphony No 9
Label: Deutsche Grammophon

In January 2014, music lovers worldwide were saddened to learn that Claudio Abbado had passed away. This Bruckner's Symphony No. 9 in D minor was recorded as part of Abbado's final concert. A Wall Street Journal review called this performance 'magisterial and moving'. a fitting tribute to an irreplaceable artist, who was one of the greatest conductors and most inspiring musical figures of our time.

1.1 Feierlich. Misterioso [Live at KKL, Lucerne / 2013]
1.2 Scherzo (Bewegt Lebhaft) - Trio (Schnell) [Live at KKL, Lucerne / 2013]
1.3 Adagio (Langsam, Feierlich) [Live at KKL, Lucerne / 2013]

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