Bruford: Gradually Going Tornado / The Bruford Tapes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bruford

Title: Gradually Going Tornado / The Bruford Tapes
Label: Winterfold Uk

Bill Bruford is the original drummer in YES and was a long term member of King Crimson. The band Bruford achieved critical acclaim and commercial success at the time and the band's catalogue has enjoyed longevity in the rock genre. The line-up on the album is: Bill Bruford, John Clark, Dave Stewart and Jeff Berlin. This definitive re-release includes two CDs housed in a replica gatefold sleeve and has been approved by Bill Bruford. This definitive re-release is on Bruford's own Winterfold Records and was overseen personally by Bill Bruford.

1.1 Age of Information
1.2 Gothic 17
1.3 Joe Frazier
1.4 Q.E.D
1.5 The Sliding Floor
1.6 Palewell Park
1.7 Plans for J.D
1.8 Land's End
2.1 Hell's Bells
2.2 Sample and Hold
2.3 Fainting in Coils
2.4 Travels with Myself - and Someone Else
2.5 Beelzebub
2.6 The Sahara of Snow - Part One
2.7 The Sahara of Snow - Part Two
2.8 One of a Kind - Part Two
2.9 Five G
2.10 Manacles

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