Brumel / Amarcord / Calmus Ensemble

Brumel / Amarcord / Calmus Ensemble: Leipziger Disputation

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Artist: Brumel / Amarcord / Calmus Ensemble
Title: Leipziger Disputation

This release is the first joint project of the internationally renowned Leipzig vocal ensembles amarcord and Calmus. The centerpiece is the splendid sonority of the twelve-part Mass by Antoine Brumel, which is said to have been performed on the occasion of the famous disputation between Martin Luther and theologian Johannes Eck 1519 in St. Thomas's Church. It was a highlight of musical life in Leipzig and, at the same time, a milestone in polyphonic vocal music. The mass is complemented by compositions by Josquin des Préz, Johann Walter, Thomas Stoltzer and others. Amarcord is a German male vocal ensemble based in Leipzig. Founded in 1992, the group primarily performs Medieval music, Renaissance music, and works by contemporary composers. Calmus is made up of five Leipzig musicians who are known for their perfect blend of sound, precision, lightness and wit. The reach of the group's activities is constantly expanding, taking them throughout Europe as well as to North and South America.

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