Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra

Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra: 100th Anniversary Collection:Twenty Years of Blues

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Artist: Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra
Title: 100th Anniversary Collection:Twenty Years of Blues

EU-only two CD collection. Buddy Johnson's Orchestra was one of the most exciting and indeed popular black big bands in the pre rock and roll era. Unlike most of his contemporaries Buddy was able to embrace the rock and roll era and still enjoy, if not chart hits, certainly popular jukebox and radio sellers that kept his big band on the road until the very early ‘60s.

1.1 Please Mr Johnson
1.2 Boogie Woogie's Mother in Law
1.3 I Ain't Mad with You
1.4 Stand Back and Smile (Say Ella)
1.5 Let's Beat Out Some Love
1.6 Baby Don't You Cry
1.7 When My Man Comes Home
1.8 That's the Stuff You Gotta Watch
1.9 Walk Em (1946 Version)
1.10 Since I Fell for You
1.11 They All Say I'm the Biggest Fool
1.12 Fine Brown Frame
1.13 Far Cry
1.14 I Don't Care Who Knows
1.15 Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball
1.16 As I Love You
1.17 You Gotta Walk That Chalk Line
1.18 Because (Part 1)
1.19 Because (Part 2)
1.20 I'm Gonna Jump in the River
1.21 Til My Baby Comes Back
1.22 Somehow, Somewhere
1.23 This New Situation
1.24 Hittin' on Me
1.25 That's How I Feel About You
1.26 I'm Just Your Fool
1.27 Mush Mouth
1.28 A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac and Some Money)
1.29 (Gotta Go) Upside Your Head
1.30 It's Obdacious
1.31 I Don't Want Nobody (To Have My Love But You)
1.32 Bring It Home to Me
1.33 Buddy's Boogie
1.34 That's What You Gotta Do
1.35 Rock on!
1.36 Don't Fail Me Baby
1.37 Small Taste
1.38 Baby Hear My Humble Plea
1.39 Going to New York
1.40 Real Fine Frame
1.41 Walk 'Em (1959 Version)
1.42 I'm Tired of Cryin' Over You
1.43 You Better Change Your Ways
1.44 Down Yonder
1.45 Go Ahead and Rock
1.46 Get Down on the Road
1.47 Sliding Horns
1.48 Keeping My Love for You
1.49 A Woman, a Lover, a Friend
1.50 Tuke Number One
1.51 25 (Ha Ha Baby) the Last Laugh's on You
1.52 Good Time Man

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