Buffalo Roam

Buffalo Roam: Gerry Record

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Artist: Buffalo Roam

Artist: Buffalo Roam
Title: Gerry Record

Buffalo Roam is a melodic and psychedelic infused rock band that draws comparisons to Echo and the Bunnymen, Pink Floyd, and The Replacements. The Los Angeles band has released a self-entitled EP and now a full-length album entitled, "The Gerry Record" due out in Mid 06. The three figures behind "The Gerry Record" are: Greg Evanski, James Stein, and co-writer Gerald Evanski. The record is full of haunting tales of deceit, love, and criminal lore. Sonically, the album is lush and rich, with clean tones and acoustic based numbers that flow effortlessly. Yup Yes Yeah, is a low rocker about a man who lacks self -confidence. Stein's voice whispers and flows until the staccato chorus kicks in. Kelly Where Are You?, is a tale of a stalker that drives from verse to chorus with Evanski's guitar being a true melodic force on the track. Oh Wow, an Americana feeling track about a date between two friends that goes wrong. The galloping acoustic guitar provides the bedding, and the chorus releases the angst and tension filled verses. Buffalo Roam is : James Stein-vocals, Greg Evanski - guitar, Trevis Bick - bass, and Pete McNeal on drums. Buffalo Roam's' live show is quickly starting a buzz and drawing a diverse fan base in the Los Angeles club scene. 'Buffalo Roam's dark, brooding alternative soundscapes are an aural journey through a moonlit desert valley. A subtle country tinged, Lanegan-esque blend of pop sensibilites driven by a heart fuelled on indie idealism' - Miles Hackett, Big Cheese Magazine London.

1.1 Swallow
1.2 Yup Yes Yeah
1.3 Day at the Beach
1.4 Alicia
1.5 Good Things
1.6 Apart from You
1.7 Kelly Where Are You?
1.8 Days
1.9 500 Years
1.10 For Failing You Get An a
1.11 Russian Army
1.12 Oh Wow
1.13 All for You

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