Bulletproof: Dark Times Desperate Measures

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bulletproof

Title: Dark Times Desperate Measures
Label: Cyanide

Spanning 4 countries and incorporating the talents of some of the scene's leading producers and vocalists Bulletproof's 'Dark Times - Desperate Measures' is a futuristic journey though the mind of one of drum n bass' most prolific producers. Featuring 12 tracks spanning the genres of Drum n Bass & Dubstep and artist collaborations with A-List names like PHACE (Germany), GRIDLOK (USA), MINDSCAPE (Hungary) and PSIDREAM (Canada) plus appearances by acclaimed New Zealand D&B artists TEKNIK & DOSE. Precision production, flawless funk and a futuristic take on D&B which he's seamlessly combined with conscious vocals courtesy of NZ's musical midas, TIKI TAANE, and respected L.A Vocalist / Rapper MC DINO - both broadcasting an explosive message of Cause & Effect, change and consequence.

1.1 Desperate Measures
1.2 Visions
1.3 3-Way
1.4 Dark Times
1.5 Wreckage
1.6 Syria
1.7 Line of Sight
1.8 Lost Voices
1.9 Repeat Offender
1.10 Cut to the Chase
1.11 Trenchfoot
1.12 Snake Charmer

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