Bullfrog: High in Spirits

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Artist: Bullfrog

Artist: Bullfrog
Title: High in Spirits

"High in Spirits" was the second album by the German rock band Bullfrog, released in 1978 on Sky Records. On CD for the very first time! The music of Bullfrog departed from the style and standard of German rock bands. It was an original take on American rhythm and blues. This CD contains the original version of the album mixed by Conny Plank and an alternative mix from Studio Hiltpoltstein. Now it's up to you to chose your favorite Bullfrog song!

1.1 High in Spirits
1.2 Feelin' Allright
1.3 Be Yourself
1.4 Rollin' Again
1.5 Free Spirit
1.6 A Housepainter's Song
1.7 Live
1.8 L.A. Police #55
1.9 High in Spirits
1.10 Feelin' Allright
1.11 Be Yourself
1.12 Rollin' Again
1.13 Free Spirit
1.14 A Housepainter's Song
1.15 Live
1.16 L.A. Police #55

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