Bumble Bee Slim

Bumble Bee Slim: Bumble Bee Slim 1934-1937

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bumble Bee Slim

Title: Bumble Bee Slim 1934-1937
Label: Wolf Records

1.1 Burned Down Mill
1.2 You Can't Take It, Baby
1.3 Bleeding Heart Blues
1.4 Policy Dream Blues
1.5 Right from Wrong
1.6 Hey Lawdy Mama
1.7 Steady Roll Mama Blues
1.8 When the Sun Goes Down
1.9 Cold Blooded Murder - No.2
1.10 How Long How Long Blues
1.11 When Somebody Loses
1.12 Ramblin' with That Woman
1.13 New Orleans Stop Time
1.14 When the Music Sounds Good
1.15 New Bricks in My Pillow
1.16 Any Time at Night
1.17 Slave Man Blues
1.18 Green Country Gal
1.19 My Big Moments
1.20 Big Six
1.21 Rough Treatment
1.22 I'm Having So Much Trouble
1.23 Going Back to Florida

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