Burgin, Johnny / Gomez, Quique

Burgin, Johnny / Gomez, Quique: Dos Hombres Wanted

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Artist: Burgin, Johnny / Gomez, Quique
Title: Dos Hombres Wanted

WANTED! Guitarist and singer Rockin Johnny Burginhangs his fedora in the Frisco Bay, and harpman and singer Quiqué Gomezhails from Madrid, Spain. Together and separately they have ridden many a dusty trail with some of the last of the great Chicago bluesmen. Today they are the feared gunslingers of the international blues scene In the winter of 2018 they partnered up, galloped through the Western Territories, and took dead aim on twelve originals and two blues classics. Rockin Johnny Burgin and Quiqué Gomezare both internationally acclaimed as world class bluesmen Burgin has a storied history on Chicagos Delmark Records, and Gomez is a versatile jazz-influenced blues singer who also sings Frank Sinatra songs with a Spanish Big Band. They are currently on tour in support of their first collaborative album, hopefully the first of many.

1.1 Your Charm Won't Help You
1.2 Take It Like It Is
1.3 You Can't Steal My Sugar
1.4 The Jinx
1.5 Funny But True
1.6 Ain't No High Roller
1.7 Everybody Loves My Baby
1.8 Coffee Can Blues
1.9 Livin Day to Day
1.10 Otro Hombre
1.11 Step It Up Bro
1.12 The Right to Hurt Me
1.13 Are You Ever
1.14 Don't Blame Shorty

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