Burl Ives: Man About Town

Burl Ives: Man About Town
Title: Man About Town
Label: Jasmine

EU-only two CD set. A simple bearded troubadour performing unsophisticated songs without tricks or embellishments, Burl Ives single-handedly filled concert halls on both sides of the Atlantic. Features the two Top Ten hits, 'A Little Bitty Tear', 'Funny Way of Laughing' and the Top Twenty 'Call Me Mr. In-Between'. Burl Ives was a true institution in America and this collection is a fitting tribute to the genius of the man.

1.1 Lydia, the Tattooed Lady
1.2 Viva la Compagnie
1.3 Aura Lee
1.4 There Is a Tavern in the Town
1.5 My Little Bimbo Down on a Bamboo Island
1.6 Tit Willow ("The Mikado")
1.7 I Never See Maggie Alone
1.8 Oh, By Jingo
1.9 The Kling Kling Bird
1.10 Rebecca Came Back from Mecca
1.11 There's a Hole in My Bucket
1.12 Polly Wolly Doodle
1.13 Everybody's Doing It
1.14 I Love a Piano
1.15 I Want to Go Back to Michigan
1.16 At the Devil's Ball
1.17 Alexander's Ragtime Band
1.18 What'll I Do
1.19 You'd Be Surprised
1.20 All Alone
1.21 Turkish Revery
1.22 Irish Rover
1.23 Wanderin'
1.24 Ladies Man
1.25 Git Along Little Dogies
1.26 A Little Bitty Tear
1.27 The Long Black Veil
1.28 The Almighty Dollar Bill
1.29 Forty Hour Week
1.30 Delia
1.31 Lenora, Let Your Hair Hang Down
1.32 Mocking Bird Hill
1.33 Mama Don't Want No Peas An' Rice An' Cocoanut Oil
1.34 Empty Saddles
1.35 The Last Roundup
1.36 Cool Water
1.37 Holding Hands for Joe
1.38 What You Gonna Do, Leroy?
1.39 Funny Way of Laughin'
1.40 Ninety Nine
1.41 Call Me Mr. In-Between
1.42 I Ain't Comin' Home Tonight
1.43 How Do You Fall Out of Love?
1.44 Busted
1.45 Poor Boy in a Rich Man's Town
1.46 The Moon Is High
1.47 The Blizzard
1.48 My Chicken Ran 'Way to the Bush
1.49 Man About Town

Burl Ives: Man About Town

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