Burn the Priest

Burn the Priest: Burn the Priest

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Burn the Priest

Title: Burn the Priest
Label: Sbme Special MKTS.

Reissue of Burn the Priest. It contains Bloodletting, recorded live on the Killadelphia DVD by Lamb Of God. The last two tracks were originally all one track, with Ruiner being a hidden track on Duane. But in the reissue, they split them up into two separate songs.

1.1 Bloodletting
1.2 Dimera
1.3 Resurrection #9
1.4 Goatfish
1.5 Salivation
1.6 Lies of Autumn
1.7 Chronic Auditory Hallucination
1.8 Suffering Bastard
1.9 Buckeye
1.10 Lame
1.11 Preaching to the Converted
1.12 Departure Hymn
1.13 Duane
1.14 Ruiner
1.15 Bloodletting [Live CD Extra Video] [Live]

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