Burzum: Umskiptar

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Burzum

Title: Umskiptar
Label: Plastic Head America
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2012 album from the Norwegian Black Metal band led by Varg Vikernes. Umskiptar finds inspiration from the verses of famous Scandinavia poem Voluspa. Expanding the ongoing influence of Nordic Folk, the album adds more traditional heavy metal, signature Burzum composition, but with a keener emphasis on vocal delivery (again presented in Vikernes native tongue). Vikernes says, 'Umskiptar is a return-to-roots album for me, with a strong focus on atmosphere and wholeness. The vocals are more important than on any previous album.'

1.1 Blodstokkinn (Soaked in Blood)
1.2 Joln (Deities)
1.3 Alfadanz (Elven Dance)
1.4 Hit Helga Tre (The Sacred Tree)
1.5 Aera (Honour)
1.6 Heidr (Esteem)
1.7 Valgaldr (Song of the Fallen)
1.8 Galgvidr (Gallow Forest)
1.9 Surtr Sunnan (Black from the South)
1.10 Gulladr (Golden Age)
1.11 Nidhoggr (Attack from Below)

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