Buster Brown

Buster Brown: I'm Going But I'll Be Back 1959-62

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Buster Brown

Title: I'm Going But I'll Be Back 1959-62
Label: Jasmine

EU-only collection. Here are all of the known recordings by blues man, Buster Brown, 22 in total between his commercial debut in 1959 and 1962. As a bonus, the Jasmine label have included the six tracks long thought to have been Buster Brown, but now proved not to be which were released under the name B. Brown & His Rockin' McVouts. Includes Busters 1959 hit "Fannie Mae" which went on to be one of the all-time great party records and has never stopped being popular thanks to countless cover versions. "Sugar Babe" was another much revived number during the beat boom and Fleetwood Mac famously recorded "Doctor Brown". Fully detailed liner notes explain the mystery.

1.1 Fannie Mae
1.2 Lost in a Dream
1.3 John Henry
1.4 The Madison Shuffle
1.5 Don't Dog Your Woman
1.6 Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby
1.7 Doctor Brown
1.8 Sincerely
1.9 I Got the Blues When It Rains
1.10 Good News
1.11 Sugar Babe
1.12 I'm Going But I'll Be Back
1.13 Raise a Ruckus Tonight
1.14 Gonna Love My Baby
1.15 St Louis Blues
1.16 When Things Go Wrong
1.17 Blueberry Hill
1.18 No More
1.19 Slow Drag PT 1
1.20 Slow Drag PT 2
1.21 Trying to Learn How to Love You
1.22 Broadway on Fire
1.23 My Baby Left Me
1.24 Hardworking Man
1.25 Fannie Mae Is Back
1.26 Candied Yams
1.27 Chewing Gum
1.28 Rockin' with B

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