Buzzcocks: Different Kind Of Tension

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Buzzcocks

Title: Different Kind Of Tension
Label: Domino

To mark the 40th anniversary of it's original release, Domino are very proud to announce details of the re-issue of Buzzcocks' final studio album, A Different Kind of Tension. This follows the Domino re-releases of Buzzcocks' debut EP, Spiral Scratch, and the band's seminal first albums, Another Music in a Different Kitchen, and Love Bites.

1.1 Paradise
1.2 Sitting 'Round at Home
1.3 You Say You Don't Love Me
1.4 You Know You Can't Help It
1.5 Mad, Mad Judy
1.6 Raison D'etre
1.7 I Don't Know What to Do with My Life
1.8 Money
1.9 Hollow Inside
1.10 A Different Kind of Tension
1.11 I Believe
1.12 Radio Nine

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