C. Daniel Boling: Live At The Kitchen Sink

C. Daniel Boling: Live At The Kitchen Sink
Title: Live At The Kitchen Sink
Label: Berkalin Records

Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Winner Daniel Boling shares experiences from a life well-lived in places as far-ranging as Okinawa, Japan, and Padre Island, Texas. This balladeer/songwriter brings his friendly tenor, fingerstyle guitar, frailed banjo, and beautifully-crafted story songs to delighted audiences throughout the U.S., Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia in over one hundred shows a year, from House Concerts and listening rooms to major festivals (Kerrville, Winfield, Woody Guthrie, and others). LIVE at The Kitchen Sink captures the magic and energy created by artist and audience together and combines that with pristine studio sound - the best of both worlds! Daniel's stories and introductions open windows into his life and influences and further inform the songs.

1.1 Leadbelly, Woody and Pete
1.2 Intro to the Bigtop
1.3 The Bigtop
1.4 Intro to Appalachia
1.5 Appalachia
1.6 Roll Down the Window
1.7 Intro to I'm Real
1.8 I'm Real
1.9 Intro to These Houses
1.10 These Houses
1.11 Intro to Chicken Sexer
1.12 Chicken Sexer
1.13 Sleeping Dogs
1.14 Intro to I Will Not Go Gently
1.15 I Will Not Go Gently
1.16 Intro to Rent-A-Snake
1.17 Rent-A-Snake
1.18 Intro to Welcome Home
1.19 Welcome Home
1.20 The Pumpkin Vine
1.21 Intro to I Brought the War with Me
1.22 I Brought the War with Me
1.23 Groundhog
1.24 Unraveled
1.25 Ruby Slippers
1.26 Dad's Garage
1.27 My Daddy Dreams
1.28 Someday
1.29 Intro to Every Journey
1.30 Every Journey
1.31 Intro to Darwin's Pride and Joy
1.32 Darwin's Pride and Joy

C. Daniel Boling: Live At The Kitchen Sink

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