Cactus: TKO Tokoy - Live In Japan

Cactus: TKO Tokoy - Live In Japan
Title: TKO Tokoy - Live In Japan
Label: Cleopatra

A blockbuster multi-media 2CD+DVD live set recorded in 2012 from the band once referred to as the American Led Zeppelin, the mighty Cactus!Features one single, mindblowing concert performance captured on both audio CD and crystal clear digital video, and includes some of the band's finest versions of "Bro. Bill," "Parchman Farm," "Evil" and more!Previously avialble as CLP1872

1.1 Long Tall Sally
1.2 Let Me Swim
1.3 One Way... Or Another
1.4 Bro. Bill
1.5 You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover
1.6 Alaska
1.7 Muscle and Soul
1.8 Electric Blue
2.1 The Groover
2.2 Evil / Drum Solo
2.3 Big Mama Boogie
2.4 Parchman Farm
2.5 Randy's Song
2.6 Rock N' Roll Children
2.7 Part of the Game
3.1 Long Tall Sally
3.2 Let Me Swim
3.3 One Way... Or Another
3.4 Bro. Bill
3.5 You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover
3.6 Alaska
3.7 Muscle and Soul
3.8 Electric Blue
3.9 The Groover
3.10 Evil / Drum Solo
3.11 Big Mama Boogie
3.12 Parchman Farm
3.13 Randy's Song
3.14 Rock N' Roll Children
3.15 Part of the Game

Cactus: TKO Tokoy - Live In Japan

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