Cage, J. / Hussong, Stefan / Wei, Wu

Cage, J. / Hussong, Stefan / Wei, Wu: Two3

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Title: Two3
Label: Wergo Germany

In 1990 John Cage met sho player Mayumi Miyata, who requested he write a piece for the ancient Japanese mouth organ. Cage was deeply impressed by the sound of this instrument and in 1991 he wrote Two3 for sho and five water-filled conch shells - one of the so-called "Number Pieces" Cage worked on during the last years of his life. Although the sound of the piece's structure remains a mystery to rational thinking, it is directly accessible to sensory awareness - especially in the interpretation here played by accordion player Stefan Hussong and sheng virtuoso Wu Wei. Two3 for sho (a Japanese free reed musical instrument) and five water-filled conch shells (1991)

1.1 Two3. Nos. 4 and 7 00:12:59 Unavail. Individ. Listen
1.2 Two3. No. 2 00:12:53
1.3 Two3. Nos. 1 and 6 00:11:53
1.4 Two3. No. 8 00:10:22
1.5 Two3. No. 3 00:14:46
1.6 Two3. Nos. 3 and 9 00:14:21
1.7 Two3. No. 9 00:13:47
1.8 Two3. Nos. 5 and 10 00:10:43

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