Caina: Hands That Pluck

Caina: Hands That Pluck
Title: Hands That Pluck
Label: Profound Lore

2011 release from Andrew Curtis-Brignell AKA Caina. His unique vision has been described as a mix of Burzum, Mogwai and the Red House Painters, or as if 4AD, Mute, or Matador had released a black metal album. Hands That Pluck is Caina's most ambitious work to date. Epic, progressive and visceral, it is a culmination of years spent developing an idiosyncratic sound. Assisting Curtis-Brignell on the album are three guest vocalists: Lord Imperial from cult black metal band Krieg, Rennie Resmini of hardcore group Starkweather and Chris Ross of Blood Revolt / Revenge / Axis of Advance fame. Though Hands That Pluck is priced as a single CD, it includes a bonus disc titled Old Songs, New Chords featuring reinterpretations of four classic Caina tracks, re-mastered versions of the originals, and a Nico cover.

1.1 Profane Inheritors
1.2 Murrain
1.3 Hands That Pluck
1.4 The Sea of Grief Has No Shores
1.5 Callus and Cicatrix
1.6 Somnium Ignis
1.7 Haruspication
1.8 I Know Thee of Old
1.9 Ninety-Three
2.1 Some People Die
2.2 Validity
2.3 The Last Song
2.4 To Funk the Night Up By It's Shit
2.5 Roses in the Snow (Nico Cover)
2.6 Some People Fall
2.7 The Validity of Hate Within An Emotional Vacuum
2.8 Permaneo Carmen
2.9 To Pluck the Night Up By It's Skin

Caina: Hands That Pluck

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