Cairobi: Cairobi

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Cairobi

Artist: Cairobi
Title: Cairobi
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release. Cairobi are a headily eclectic globe-crossing four piece comprised of Giorgio Poti (vocals, guitars), Alessandro Marrosu (bass), Salvador Garza (keys) and Aurelien Bernard (drums). Their psych-pop, world music bordering sound reflects their various backgrounds from Italy and Mexico via France. Their debut self-produced album was written in Berlin and, fittingly with their diverse nationalities, was recorded between Berlin, London, Rome and New York. Music and this resulting album was Giorgio's means of finding his way through health problems, as after relocating to Berlin, he started to suffer frequent, violent migraines that would incapacitate him for an average of 12 days a month.

1.1 Habitat
1.2 Gristly Words
1.3 Step Aside
1.4 Lupo
1.5 Systems of Mutual Doubt
1.6 Germ
1.7 Saint
1.8 From Some Other Planet's Sky
1.9 Ghost
1.10 Zoraide
1.11 No Better Ending

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