Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild: Leave Your Leather on

$12.88 $14.98
Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Leave Your Leather on
Label: Kemado
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2012 debut album from the amazing Brooklyn, NY punk power trio. Authentic '77-style riffs, wild energy, beers and no-nonsense attitude: what else do you need? Oh, Allison Busch from Awesome Color on drums? Yeah, we got that too. This band's the bona fide real thing, and their live show has made the local faction of indie civil war re-enactors feel quite unsettled. That alone should be well worth the price of admittance. Think true punk rock all the way from Angry Samoans, pre-tattooed singer Black Flag to first-album pre-horrific world-view Skrewdriver, Cock Sparrer, Aaron Burr, Ambrose Bierce.

1.1 Autobahn
1.2 Breaking Shit
1.3 I'm Scarred
1.4 All the Lessons
1.5 Choked Out
1.6 Crack the Whip
1.7 NY Ripper
1.8 It's Your Night

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