Cam Tapp

Cam Tapp: Little Black Book of Light

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cam Tapp

Title: Little Black Book of Light
Label: Imports

Aka the public face and lead singer/songwriter for Melbourne based rock band Borne, Cam Tapp has spent the past 5 years touring the world and writing and recording consecutively, with Borne releasing their 3rd major studio album 'The Blessed Unrest' last July. Signed to Jellyfish Records in 2003, Borne was catapulted into the mainstream media when their debut single 'The Guide' was simultaneously featured around the globe in an iTunes world first 'single of the week'. The reaction was unmistakable, as the song tugged on the heartstrings of the world. 'The Guide' soared to Number 1 on the iTunes-charts of three Countries and number 13 on the US digital billboard charts, hitting more than a million downloads in it's first week. Cam's strength of song writing continues to attract recognition across the world and has seen him play to packed audiences at L. A's premiere and legendary live music venues the Roxy and Hotel caf, SxSW, 02 Wireless and Glastonbury festivals, whilst receiving numerous accolades including the MusicOz Awards 'Artist of the Year' & 'Best Acoustic Singer-Songwriter', the Garth Porter Producer Award and the Nova Unsigned Initiative. Following the release of Borne's last album, Cam Tapp decided to take the time to rediscover his earthy, country roots, returning to that which inspired him to take to the stage more than 20 years ago. His passion for honest, raw and heart felt music and the result was 'The little black book of light' - Cam Tapp's debut solo album. A dark, brooding and emotionally uplifting offering, communicating heart felt stories about every day journeys through love and life, the Little Black Book of Lgiht also features two very particular covers specially chosen to reflect Cam's journey to date, along with the previous independently release single 'Lest We Forget'

1.1 Thinking of You
1.2 When I Met You
1.3 Winters Chill
1.4 Moment
1.5 I Believe
1.6 Ride
1.7 Lest We Forget
1.8 Under the Milky Way
1.9 The Last Train
1.10 Your Troubled Mind
1.11 Darcydium Franklinii
1.12 Hallelujah

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