Camara: Before We Sleep

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Camara

Artist: Camara
Title: Before We Sleep
Product Type: VINYL LP

Born in Canada, Fatima Camara was raised in a large Portuguese family where traditional song and dance were as integral to her family gatherings as food, laughter, and wine. Before We Sleep, her debut album, is as a collage of diverse musical influences that have defined each chapter of her storied life. Bass guitar lines wrought with the new-wave sound that marked her formative adolescence, drums that echo the electronic music she migrated to during her early adulthood in Toronto's dance music scene, and an overriding melancholy that signals the conflicted feelings she has when considering the thin layer of dust that has collected upon her chair at the family dinner table since she made her move to Berlin. Apart from music, Fatima appreciates happy accidents, blended horizons, and unlit corners.

1.1 Skeletons in the Sand
1.2 Family Dinner Songs
1.3 Folklore
1.4 Moonlight Is Her Favourite Colour
1.5 While She Slips Out (With Memories of 16Colours, 2Mistakes)
1.6 Just Waking Up
1.7 Sinking Calm

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