Cameo: Ugly Ego/Secret Omen

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cameo

Title: Ugly Ego/Secret Omen
Label: Cherry Red / Robinsongs

Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums from the R&B/funk outfit. UGLY EGO was originally released in 1978 and SECRET OMEN in 1979. SECRET OMEN featured the Top 3 R&B single 'I Just Want to Be' and the Top 10 R&B hit 'Sparkle'. The album was certified Gold in America and was the band's first of many Gold and Platinum albums. The UGLY EGO album featured the funk anthem 'Insane'. Cameo formed in 1974 under the name of New York City Players, but changed the name to Cameo to avoid a lawsuit from the Ohio Players. Originally there were thirteen members to the group, but over time the numbers dwindled down to the three main men Tomi Jenkins, Nathan Leftenant and creator/front man Larry Blackmon (and that cod piece).

1.1 I'll Be with You
1.2 Insane
1.3 Give Love a Chance
1.4 I Want You
1.5 Ugly Ego
1.6 Anything You Wanna Do
1.7 Friend to Me
1.8 Two of Us
1.9 Energy
1.10 I Just Want to Be
1.11 Find My Way
1.12 Macho
1.13 The Rock
1.14 Sparkle
1.15 New York

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