Camille & Julie Berthollet: Series

Camille & Julie Berthollet: Series
Title: Series
Label: Warner Classics

The album Series by Camille & Julie Berthollet brings together themes from popular soundtracks and TV series such as Ramin Djawadi Game of Thrones, Max Richter The Leftovers, Downton Abbey main theme, Jeff Beal, House of Cards, Lalo Shiffrin Mission Impossible, Henri Mancini The Pink Panther, Vitamin String Quartet "Girls like you" used in Bridgerton, and many more.

1.1 Game of Thrones (Medley) [Arr. Gonet]
1.2 Mission: Impossible (Arr. Gonet)
1.3 La la Land (Medley) [Arr. Gonet]
1.4 The Skye Boat Song (Arr. Camille Berthollet, Julie Berthollet)
1.5 Bella Ciao (Arr. Gonet)
1.6 Yakety Sax (From "The Benny Hill Show") [Arr. Gonet]
1.7 Downton Abbey (Arr. Gonet)
1.8 Girls Like You (Transcr. Camille Berthollet, Julie Berthollet)
1.9 The Pink Panther (Arr. Gonet)
1.10 Fly (Arr. Camille Berthollet, Julie Berthollet)
1.11 Flashback (Arr. Camille Berthollet)
1.12 The Crown (Arr. Gonet)
1.13 The Persuaders (Arr. Gonet)
1.14 Sherlock: The Game Is on (Arr. Gonet)
1.15 The Leftovers, Suite (Arr. Camille Berthollet, Julie Berthollet)
1.16 Dix Pour Cent (Arr. Gonet)
1.17 Lupin: "Arsène"
1.18 Stranger Things (Arr. Gonet)
1.19 House of Cards (Arr. Gonet)
1.20 The Queen's Gambit (Arr. Camille Berthollet, Julie Berthollet)
1.21 The Simpsons (Arr. Gonet)
1.22 Générique (Arr. Camille Berthollet)
1.23 Concerto de L'adieu

Camille & Julie Berthollet: Series

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