Can: Monster Movie

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Can

Artist: Can
Title: Monster Movie

Standard CD issue of this digitally remastered edition of the Krautrock band's 1969 debut album. Upon it's release, the album became very influential in the development of Krautrock. It is notable for being the only Can album (until the 1989 reunion on Rite Time) on which Malcolm Mooney performed all of the vocals. Mooney recorded a few songs for the following Soundtracks album and was replaced by Damo Suzuki. The cover of the album depicts a faceless Galactus, and is credited to "The Can", a name originally suggested by Malcolm Mooney and taken on as a result of a democratic vote. Previously the band were known as "Inner Space", which later became the name of their purpose-built recording studio.

1.1 Father Cannot Yell
1.2 Mary, Mary So Contrary
1.3 Outside My Door
1.4 Yoo Doo Right

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