Canton Jones

Canton Jones: Kingdom Business 2

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Artist: Canton Jones

Artist: Canton Jones
Title: Kingdom Business 2

Kingdom Business Part 2 is a compilation which features the various artists under Canton's new label, CAJO Records. The project contains new tracks from CAJO Records music artists' Erica Cumbo, Milliyon, Messenja, Clarence Jones and Ramona Jones. The music from these artists are a rich blend of infectious hip hop fused with R&B and smooth melodic jazz.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Not About They
1.3 So Bad
1.4 Great Things
1.5 Jus' Swaggin
1.6 G.O.D. Remix
1.7 You Got Me
1.8 Top Model
1.9 After Party
1.10 My Year
1.11 Swagg and Pose
1.12 Echo
1.13 Around the World
1.14 Hello Sunshine
1.15 Jesus Is the Light
1.16 Lord I Worship
1.17 5 Seconds
1.18 You Tube Page
1.19 Take the City
1.20 Hallé
1.21 One Mic

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