Captain Beefheart: Amsterdam 80

Captain Beefheart: Amsterdam 80
Title: Amsterdam 80
Label: MLP

Recorded by Dutch radio at the legenday 'Paradiso club' 1st November 1980 whilst on a European tour for the Magic basnds studio album 'Doc at the radar station'. Previously unreleased from original master tapes features 18 tracks and over 75 minutes of music plus 12 page booklet with unseen live pictures. MPL 2006.

1.1 ABBA Zaba
1.2 Hot Head
1.3 Ashtray Heart
1.4 Dirty Blue Gene
1.5 Best Batch Yet
1.6 Safe As Milk
1.7 Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles
1.8 One Red Rose That I Mean
1.9 Doctor Dark
1.10 Bat Chain Puller
1.11 My Human Gets Me Blues
1.12 Sugar 'N' Spikes
1.13 Veteran's Day Poppy
1.14 Dropout Boogie
1.15 Sheriff of Hong Kong
1.16 Kandy Korn
1.17 Suction Prints
1.18 Big Eyed Beans from Venus

Captain Beefheart: Amsterdam 80

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