Carach Angren

Carach Angren: Death Came Through a Phantom Ship

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Artist: Carach Angren

Artist: Carach Angren
Title: Death Came Through a Phantom Ship
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Electronic Voice Phenemena
1.2 The Sighting Is a Portent of Doom
1.3 ... And the Consequence Macabre
1.4 Van Der Decken's Triumph
1.5 Bloodstains on the Captain's Log
1.6 Al Betekent Het Mijn Dood
1.7 Departure Towards a Nautical Curse
1.8 The Course of a Spectral Ship
1.9 The Shining Was a Portent of Gloom
1.10 The Ghose of Ryanham Hall (2011 Version - Bonus Track)
1.11 Ethereal Veiled Existence (2011 Version - Bonus Track)
1.12 Sepulchral Disequilibrium (2011 Version - Bonus Track)

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