Caravan: It's None Of Your Business

Caravan: It&
Title: It's None Of Your Business
Label: Madfish Records Imp

The group's first new studio album in eight years. Caravan is one of the darlings of the progressive rock and the 'Canterbury scene', formed in 1968 and blending rock, jazz, folk and classical influences into a warm and distinctive sound. Their previous 14 studio albums and numerous live recordings have seen them attract a large and faithful following and the band toured regularly until the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's None Of Your Business is Caravan's first album since Paradise Filter (2013) and features nine new songs plus one instrumental track influenced, to a degree, by the events and restrictions placed on society over the past 18 months. The album was recorded, as restrictions allowed, 'in the old-fashioned way' between 24th June and 4th July 2021 at Rimshot Studio, Bredgar near Sittingbourne. "Sitting round in a circle having eye to eye contact, a large sound room was required," Pye Hastings explained. "I much prefer this method because you can bounce ideas off each other as they occur, and voice encouragement when the whole thing begins to click. And it is much more rewarding to be able to throw insults at each other in person rather than down a telephone line or via email. This is something we are all very experienced at, believe me!"

1.1 Down from London (04:03)
1.2 Wishing You Were Here (03:55)
1.3 It's None of Your Business (09:40)
1.4 Ready or Not (04:45)
1.5 Spare a Thought (04:06)
1.6 Every Precious Little Thing (04:25)
1.7 If I Was to Fly (03:23)
1.8 I'll Reach Out for You (08:07)
1.9 There Is You (04:26)
1.10 Luna's Tuna (03:14)

Caravan: It's None Of Your Business

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