Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia: This Is Carlos Mencia

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Carlos Mencia

Title: This Is Carlos Mencia
Label: Warner Records

With Hispanic immigration the hottest political topic in the nation, Carlos Mencia-+the Latino version of Chris Rock-+makes both sides of the border laugh with Take a Joke America. Street smart, irreverent, controversial and bilingual, Mencia first took on the issue six years ago when the album, his major-label debut, was originally released. What he had to say then is as fresh and in-your-face as today's headlines. So Take a Joke America again, this time in both Spanglish Parental Advisory version and a clean edit.

1.1 Mexican Parents Part 1
1.2 Slip 'N Slide
1.3 Chili
1.4 TVS and Microwaves
1.5 Mexico Vs. Honduras
1.6 You Gotta Learn Spanish
1.7 Mexican Parents Part 2
1.8 Marta Jorge
1.9 Discipliine
1.10 The Pinto
1.11 Gilbert
1.12 Quando en Roma
1.13 Grandpa

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