Carolina Eyck

Carolina Eyck: Theremin Sonatas - Original Works for Theremin

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Carolina Eyck

Title: Theremin Sonatas - Original Works for Theremin
Label: Genuin

A mysterious instrument, ethereal sounds, explosive music and a virtuoso player of the highest order: Carolina Eyck is one of the few internationally acclaimed Theremin players. For her instrument, the Leipzig composer and pianist Christopher Tarnow composed two sonatas that he and Ms. Eyck, who enjoy a productive artistic friendship in the city of Leipzig where they both reside, recorded together for their debut CD on the Genuin label. Carolina Eyck is the developer of a new playing technique, using a new and technically more advanced instrument that she obtained in 2006. Greater precision in playing possibilities resulting from this technical development allowed for the discovery of previously unknown realms of sound. This performance technique she introduced in her textbook, The Art of Playing the Theremin.

1.1 I. Moderato
1.2 II. Larghetto
1.3 III. Presto Giocoso
1.4 No. 1
1.5 I. Lento
1.6 II. Passacaglia
1.7 III. Fugato
1.8 No. 2

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