Casey, Ashley & Amber

Casey, Ashley & Amber: Casey Ashley & Amber

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Casey, Ashley & Amber
Title: Casey Ashley & Amber

Canadian Idol 2005 finalists Braided release debut album. Braided has recorded a CD that differs greatly from the usual 'Idol' fare. Characterized by songs deeply entrenched in the singer/songwriter tradition, the album is a representation of the group's connection to music, family, love and life.

1.1 Let's Talk
1.2 Only Time Will Tell
1.3 Butterfly Girl
1.4 Real Strong Love
1.5 Little Bit Closer
1.6 Long Way Home
1.7 Something (Is Her Name)
1.8 You Are My Bed
1.9 Who Are You Talkin' To?
1.10 Before You
1.11 Secret Heart
1.12 Let's Talk (Reprise)

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