Caspar Babypants

Caspar Babypants: Flying High!

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Product Type: CD

Title: Flying High!
Label: Aurora Elephant

FLYING HIGH! Is the latest album from Caspar Babypants (the alter-ego of Chris Ballew, the twice Grammy nominated songwriter and lead singer for the Seattle rock and roll band The Presidents of the United States of America) and is full of super fun sing along good time music for the whole family to enjoy together. As with all the Caspar Babypants albums, the energy on the album goes from upbeat and fun at the beginning to sleepy and mellow at the end. The hope is that the music will help engage and then relax your kids and you so that you can recharge yourselves.

1.1 Johnny Jackrabbit Jones
1.2 Noodles and Butter
1.3 London Bridge Is Falling Apart
1.4 There Was a Small Fly
1.5 Rhymes with Orange
1.6 Sittin' in a High Chair
1.7 Ants Can't Dance
1.8 Bring My Chimpy Home
1.9 Everything Has a Song
1.10 Roly Poly Buggy Ball
1.11 Who in the Circus Is Me?
1.12 Shine It Up
1.13 Little Brown Pencil
1.14 Call the Crooked Crows
1.15 Ducky Is the Name of My Bike
1.16 Drowsy Dopey Dozy Dog
1.17 Fly High Bright Firefly
1.18 I've Been Sleepy on the Raildroad
1.19 Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
1.20 Groggy Baby

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