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Cast Recording: Bacharach & Mancini: Memorablemovie / O.C.R.

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cast Recording

Title: Bacharach & Mancini: Memorablemovie / O.C.R.
Label: MVD (Generic)

It is hard to believe that these melodies, which have become themes for an entire generation, came from the pens of just two men. Even if you never saw the films in question, you will know and love their unforgettable themes. 16 tracks.

1.1 I Say a Little Prayer
1.2 The Look of Love
1.3 Alfie
1.4 This Guy's in Love with You
1.5 Casino Royale
1.6 That's What Friends Are for
1.7 A Shot in the Dark
1.8 Days of Wine ; Roses
1.9 Hatari
1.10 Mr. Lucky
1.11 A Time for Us
1.12 Charade
1.13 Crazy World
1.14 Moon River
1.15 How Soon?
1.16 Le Jazz Hot

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