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Cast Recording: Follies / 1998 Cast

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cast Recording

Title: Follies / 1998 Cast
Label: TVT

This is the definitive Cast Recording of Stephen Sondheim & James Goldman's musical masterpiece. For the first time, Follies will feature the complete 31-song score in it's entirety, including previously unrecorded numbers which were cut prior to the original Broadway run. Winner of 7 Tony Awards, Follies has been herald as one of the most innovative and haunting Broadway musicals of all time. Track highlights include: "Waiting for the Girls Upstairs," "The Road You Didn't Take," "Loveland," "Losing My Mind," "Bring on the Girls," "That Old Piano Roll" and more!

1.1 Prologue/Overture - Orchestra
1.2 Beautiful Girls - Vahan Khanzadian
1.3 Don't Look at Me - Donna McKechnie/Laurence Guittard
1.4 Waiting for the Girls Upstairs - Tony Roberts/Donna McKechnie/Laurence Guittard/Dee Hoty/Billy Hartung/Michael Gruber/
1.5 Rain on the Roof - Natlie Mosco/Donald Saddler
1.6 Ah, Paris! - Liliane Montevecchi
1.7 Broadway Baby - Kay Ballard
1.8 The Road You Didn't Take - Laurence Guittard
1.9 Bolero D'amore - Orchestra
1.10 In Buddy's Eyes - Donna McKechnie
1.11 Who's That Woman - Phyliss Newman
1.12 I'm Still Here - Ann Miller
1.13 Too Many Mornings - Laurence Guittard/Donna McKechnie
2.1 The Right Girl - Tony Roberts
2.2 One More Kiss - Carol Skarimbas/Ingrid Ladendorf
2.3 Could I Leave You? - Dee Hoty
2.4 Loveland - the Company
2.5 Your Gonna Love Tommorrow/Love Will See Us Through - Michael Gruber/Meredith Patterson/Billy Hartung/Danette Holden
2.6 Buddy's Blues - Tony Roberts
2.7 Losing My Mind - Donna McKeechnie
2.8 Ah, But Underneath - Dee Hoty
2.9 Live, Laugh Love - Laurence Guittard
2.10 Finale - Donna McKechnie
2.11 Bring on the Girls - Vahan Khanzadian/Peter Davenport
2.12 Can That Boy Fox-Trot - Ann Miller
2.13 Pleasant Little Kingdom - Donna McKechnie/Laurence Guittard
2.14 All Things Bright and Beautiful - Donna McKechnie/Laurence Guittard
2.15 That Old Piano Roll - Tony Roberts
2.16 Who Could Be Blue/Wittle White House - Laurence Guittard/Meredith Patterson
2.17 Uptown/Downtown - Dee Hoty
2.18 Lucy and Jessie - Dee Hoty

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