Les Miserables

Les Miserables: Les Miz Highlights

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Les Miserables

Title: Les Miz Highlights
Label: First Night (Red)

LES MIZ HIGHLIGHTS features 19-tracks from the legendary musical. The tracks included features tracks such as "I Dreamed a Dream", which was recently performed by Susan Boyle, "Come to Me," "Stars," "Drink with Me" and more.

1.1 Les at the End of the Day
1.2 Les I Dreamed a Dream
1.3 Les Lovely Ladies
1.4 Les Who Am I?
1.5 Les Come to Me
1.6 Les Confrontation
1.7 Les Master of the House
1.8 Les Stars
1.9 Les Red and Black
1.10 Les Do You Hear the People Sing
1.11 Les I Saw Him Once / in My Life / a Heart Full of Love
1.12 Les One Day More
1.13 Les on My Own
1.14 Les a Little Fall of Rain
1.15 Les Drink with Me
1.16 Les Bring Him Home
1.17 Les Javert's Suicide: Soliloquy
1.18 Les Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
1.19 Les Finale

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