Cedric Gauthier

Cedric Gauthier: I Wanna Tell You Something

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Artist: Cedric Gauthier

Artist: Cedric Gauthier
Title: I Wanna Tell You Something

Cedric Gauthier\'s second album, \'I Wanna Tell You Something\', brings you beach rock with an infusion of blues. French-born Gauthier plays acoustic guitar and sings lead vocals for all of his songs in which you hear the Caribbean influence from time spent in Saint Martin and the urban sounds of his life in Chicago. Chicago musicians on drums, bass, electric guitar, and background vocals provide the album with a bluesy edge. If you close your eyes you could be on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean or in a small dark Chicago bar on a hot summer night. Either way you will connect with the original lyrics that speak of the love, hope, and pain that unites us all. Most popular songs ! I Wanna Tell You Something, I wanna be Colin Farrell, Waiting in vain, Never let you down...!

1.1 I Wanna Tell You Something
1.2 I Wanna Be Colin Farrell
1.3 We Could Have It All
1.4 Inside
1.5 Waiting in Vain
1.6 Nowhere to Hide
1.7 Never Let You Down
1.8 Walk Into the Sun Again
1.9 Please Stop the World, I Wanna Step Down
1.10 With You
1.11 Close to Me

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