Celine Dion

Celine Dion: Lets Talk About Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Celine Dion

Title: Lets Talk About Love
Label: Sbme Special MKTS.

She was already a star when this Titanic album came out 1997, but "My Heart Will Go On" made her a household name throughout the galaxy.

1.1 The Reason
1.2 Immortality
1.3 Treat Her Like a Lady
1.4 Why Oh Why
1.5 Love Is on the Way
1.6 Tell Him
1.7 Where Is the Love
1.8 When I Need You
1.9 Miles to Go (Before I Sleep)
1.10 Us
1.11 Just a Little Bit of Love
1.12 My Heart Will Go on [Love Theme from "Titanic"]
1.13 I Hate You Then I Love You
1.14 To Love You More
1.15 Let's Talk About Love

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