Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman: Homecoming - Live From Ireland

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Artist: Celtic Woman

Artist: Celtic Woman
Title: Homecoming - Live From Ireland

2018 release. Since it's debut, Grammy-nominated global musical sensation Celtic Woman's concerts continue to touch the hearts of a huge audience that spans the globe. Both an accomplished recording ensemble and a one-of-a-kind live act, Celtic Woman combines the country's finest musical talents with epic stage production to present a uniquely inspiring live experience. Filmed in Dublin, Ireland in September 2017, Homecoming: Live From Ireland represents the next chapter of their extraordinary musical journey

1.1 Homecoming Lament [Live 2017]
1.2 Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Star) [Live 2017]
1.3 My Heart Will Go on [Live 2017]
1.4 Walk Beside Me [Live 2017]
1.5 Dúlamán [Live 2017]
1.6 Danny Boy [Live 2017]
1.7 For the Love of a Princess [Live 2017]
1.8 Fields of Gold [Live 2017]
1.9 Westering Home [Live 2017]
1.10 Water Under the Bridge [Live 2017]
1.11 The Voice [Live 2017]
1.12 Ard Uí Chuain/Sadhbh NÍ Bhruinneallaigh [Live 2017]
1.13 You Raise Me Up [Live 2017]
1.14 The Kesh Inn [Live 2017]
1.15 Téir Abhaile Riú [Live 2017]
1.16 The Parting Glass [Live 2017]

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