Chain & the Gang

Chain & the Gang: Down With Liberty...Up With Chains!

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Product Type: CD

Title: Down With Liberty...Up With Chains!
Label: K. Records

Ian Suetonius (Make Up, Nation of Ulysses, Weird War) and his band have created sing alongs on this record; a call and response in the tradition of gospel tunes, work favorites, and the girl groups and vocal aggregates that once dotted the corners of the Mid-Atlantic states. This record is simple and profound, the way a pebble on the beach is. There are no song cycles, sample beats, sequencers, or baby pictures of the artist as a tot. Suetonius's "career has been a studied attempt to advance the history of punk rock, using influences as tools to build with rather than styles to flaunt and discard" - the Wire.

1.1 Chain Gang Theme (I See Progress)
1.2 Cemetery Map
1.3 Trash Talk
1.4 Reparations
1.5 What Is a Dollar?
1.6 Interview with the Chain Gang
1.7 Deathbed Confession
1.8 Room 19
1.9 (Lookin' for a) Cave Girl
1.10 Unpronounceable Name

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