Chali 2Na

Chali 2Na: Fish Market 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chali 2Na

Title: Fish Market 2
Label: Mass Appeal

Back once again with the second installment of his Fish Market series, it's your favorite deep baritone voice, Chali 2na. Teamed up with DJ Dez Andres of Slum Village fame, Chali brings another collection of brand new tracks from the Manphibian himself and colabos from older projects Chali has fished from the depths. Songs ranging from "Focus Up", a Chicago posse cut by the Chicagorillaz, "Gadget Go Go" produced by Dub Step Phenomenon Rusko, or the island sounds of Tanya Stephens's "No Bad Mon" Chali draws inspiration from his past and where he's headed.

1.1 Fintro
1.2 FM2 Theme
1.3 Greezy
1.4 2Na Interview
1.5 No Bad Moon
1.6 Chicken of the Sea
1.7 Hype 2Night
1.8 I Met Dez
1.9 Step Yo Game Up
1.10 Funky 4 U
1.11 Rip Dusk
1.12 2 Much
1.13 Across the Map
1.14 Hood Report
1.15 Focused Up
1.16 Fried 2Na
1.17 On the Low
1.18 Wheels on the World
1.19 Gadget Go Go
1.20 4 Yo Luv
1.21 Time Is Now
1.22 Save the People

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