Champion: Different Directions / the Last Show

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Champion

Artist: Champion
Title: Different Directions / the Last Show

Champion played their final show on May 27th, 2006. Champion was one of Bridge Nine's hardest working bands, being the first band on the roster to hit South Korea, as well as hitting four continents in the process. After playing hundreds of shows to thousands of kids with everyone from Sick of It All, Terror, Comeback Kid, Agnostic Front and Sick of It All. Champion defined what it was to be a straight edge hardcore band of the new millennium. Champion now releases the CD/DVD set of the bands last show.

1.1 Promises Kept
1.2 4th of July
1.3 Decisions Made
1.4 Different Directions
1.5 Monument
1.6 Decline
1.7 The Truth
1.8 Time Slips Away
1.9 Left
1.10 Thank You Note
1.11 Perspective
1.12 Assume the Worst
1.13 Insider
1.14 Miles to Go
1.15 116

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