Charged Gbh

Charged Gbh: 1981-84

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Charged Gbh

Title: 1981-84
Label: Cherry Red

UK four CD clam shell box set capturing the most successful and influential years of hard core punk legends Charged G. B. H. Disc One contains the band's first release, the Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne 12" which reached the Indie Chart Top Ten in 1981 and now comes with the addition of the 'Sick Boy' and 'No Survivors' singles. The second disc is debut LP City Baby Attacked By Rats, an Indie Chart #2 hit in 1982 which now comes with the addition of the UK National hit single 'Give Me Fire'. City Babies Revenge, the band's second studio album and an Independent Chart Top Ten smash, is Disc Three and it now comes with the bonus of the 'Catch 23' and 'Do What You Do' singles. The final disc is a full on in yer face 14 track live in concert from 1983. The 20-page booklet comes complete with detailed liner notes, pictures of all relevant record sleeves plus memorabilia from the time.

1.1 Race Against Time
1.2 Knife Edge
1.3 Lycanthropy
1.4 Necrophilia
1.5 State Executioner
1.6 Dead on Arrival
1.7 Generals
1.8 Freak
1.9 Alcohol
1.10 No Survivors
1.11 Self Destruct
1.12 Big Women
1.13 Sick Boy (Single Version)
1.14 Slit Your Own Throat
1.15 Am I Dead Yet
2.1 Time Bomb
2.2 Sick Boy
2.3 War Dogs
2.4 Slut
2.5 Maniac
2.6 Gunned Down
2.7 I Am the Hunted
2.8 City Baby Attacked By Rats
2.9 The Prayer of a Realist
2.10 Passenger on the Menu
2.11 Heavy Discipline
2.12 Boston Babies
2.13 Bell End Bop
2.14 Give Me Fire
2.15 Man-Trap
3.1 Diplomatic Immunity
3.2 Drugs Party in 526
3.3 See the Man Run
3.4 Vietnamese Blues
3.5 Womb with a View
3.6 The Forbidden Zone
3.7 Valley of Death
3.8 City Babys Revenge
3.9 Pins ; Needles
3.10 Christianised Cannibals
3.11 Faster Faster
3.12 High Octane Fuel
3.13 I Feel Alright
3.14 Skanga (Herby Weed)
3.15 Catch 23
3.16 Hellhole
3.17 Do What You Do
3.18 Four Men
3.19 Children of Dust
3.20 Do What You Do (Concrete Mix)
4.1 Sick Boy
4.2 Maniac
4.3 Mantrap
4.4 Time Bomb
4.5 Necrophilia
4.6 Hell Hole
4.7 I Am the Hunted
4.8 Generals
4.9 Catch 23
4.10 Give Me Fire
4.11 City Baby Attacked By Rats
4.12 No Survivors
4.13 Alcohol
4.14 Bell End Bop

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