Charged Particles with Tod Dickow

Charged Particles with Tod Dickow: Play The Music Of Michael Brecker - Live At The Baked Potatoe

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Title: Play The Music Of Michael Brecker - Live At The Baked Potatoe
Label: Summit(Classical)

Randy Brecker: "Smoking and intense from beginning to end, Charged Particles and Tod Dickow have internalized Mike and his music to an impressive degree of accuracy and moreover: feeling! I found myself pinching my arm to remind myself that Mike is sadly no longer with us. Take the journey and check out this live recording. Everyone is at the top of their Mike game!"Based in the San Francisco area and soon celebrating their 30th anniversary, Charged Particles crosses stylistic boundaries and blends multiple traditions to create multifaceted jazz. The band has been critically acclaimed for their passionate performances... reviewers have said things like: "An electrifying, push-the-limits performance style... A tight and enormously talented trio" (Jazz Times Magazine)... The band is full-steam ahead on this recording - looking back only to harness Michael Brecker's electrifying-legendary energy!Tenor saxophonist Tod Dickow began playing gigs in the Bay Area with small groups and big bands, and he is a powerful voice on the Bay Area scene today. His playing has been recognized by outstanding soloist awards at Jazz Festivals (Pacific Coast) and was awarded the Outstanding Soloist award by Down Beat Magazine. He has appeared with numerous celebrated artists in many genres of music. In addition to leading his own small groups, he has led the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, a 16-piece big band, featuring top players from around the Bay Area. As is true for so many other jazz tenor players, Tod's playing and composing are powerfully influenced by Michael Brecker. But Tod is unique in having captured the essence of Michael's spirit on the instrument, making Tod the perfect artist to perform Michael's compositions with Charged Particles to honor the late-great superstar.

1.1 Peep
1.2 Arc of the Pendulum
1.3 Africann Skies
1.4 Never Alone
1.5 Not Ethiopa
1.6 Slings and Arrows
1.7 Talking to Myself
1.8 The Mean Time
1.9 Song for Barry

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