Charle Lloyd: Athens Concert

Charle Lloyd: Athens Concert
Title: Athens Concert
Label: Ecm Records

The specially-priced 2-CD set documents a stunning live performance in front of a huge audience at the open air Odeon of Herodes Atticus, as the uniquely-expressive saxophonist Charles Lloyd, and Maria Farantouri, Greece's voice of resistance, come together beautifully and hauntingly.

1.1 I've Kept a Hold on My Life
1.2 Dream Weaver
1.3 Blow Wind
1.4 Requiem
1.5 Greek Suite I: Se Pater Kosmon
1.6 Greek Suite I: Cactus
1.7 Greek Suite I: Gardens of Paradise
1.8 Voyage to Cythera
2.1 Prayer
2.2 Greek Suite II: Nanourisma
2.3 Greek Suite II: Margaritarenia
2.4 Greek Suite II: Thalassaki Mou
2.5 Greek Suite III: Epirotiko Meroloi
2.6 Greek Suite III: Kegome Ke Sigoliono
2.7 Greek Suite III: Mori Kontoula Lemonia
2.8 Greek Suite III: Alismono
2.9 Greek Suite III: Tou Hel' to Kastron
2.10 Yanni Mou

Charle Lloyd: Athens Concert

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