Charles Douglas

Charles Douglas: Burdens of Genius

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Charles Douglas

Title: Burdens of Genius
Label: Mono-Tone Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

First vinyl reissue of Charles Douglas's The Burdens Of Genius, originally released in 1998. "The best New York record you've never heard!" Had it not been for bad timing, mental illness, rampant drug abuse, and a penchant for burning bridges, Charles Douglas might be thought of today as a songwriter on par with Stephen Malkmus, Beck, Daniel Johnston, Robert Pollard, and other members of the indie-rock aristocracy. Playing all the instruments himself, recording in the basement of his parents' house in Allentown, Pennsylvania, his songs range from gleeful stoner anthems to deranged anti-folk to noisy pop to lo-fi bubblegum. Following a reissue of The Lives Of Charles Douglas in 2011, which features Maureen Tucker on drums, this first time on vinyl reissue should mark the world rediscovery of Charles Douglas's genius!

1.1 Crest of a Wave
1.2 Name
1.3 Girl (Of the World)
1.4 Drivin' Around
1.5 The Rabbit Never Gets the Carrot
1.6 Suicide Note
1.7 Monkey Island
1.8 Dennis Wilson
1.9 Last Stand
1.10 The Golden Age
1.11 Living in a Hole
1.12 Henry Lee
1.13 Prince
1.14 Go!
1.15 Spiders ; Snakes
1.16 Octopus (Cease to Exist)

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